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small lamp,turquoise lamp,Handmade Lampshade,boho lamp,art lamp


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turquoise lamp,Handmade Lampshade,boho lamp,art lamp,standing lamp,,Handmade Lampshade,table lamp,


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lamp, Lampshade, Gray lamp, textile lamp ,Handmade Lampshade, table lamp, lamp in the Scandinavian style, pendant lamp


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lamp, Lampshade,Gray lamp, textile lamp ,Handmade Lampshade,table lamp,lamp in the Scandinavian style,pendant lamp


Original Oil Painting .Handmade Lamps. Instant Download

Hello, I’m Ela Szczepaniak. I live and work in Krakow, Poland.
I'm an interior designer. I have created designs for private houses, hostels, restaurants as well as scenography for photo sessions. Most of the pieces I use for decoration such as paintings or lampshades I create myself.
They all come from my fascination with textures, overlapping layers of materials and experimenting with different c